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Battletome Beastclaw Raiders

Battletome Beastclaw Raiders

Battletome Beastclaw Raiders

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The 120-page hardback Battletome: Beastclaw Raiders contains:

Exclusive gaming content:

Forces of the Beastclaw Raiders; rules and abilities for your army, including powerful Allegiance Abilities – special Battle Traits and Command Traits;
Trophies of the Alfrostuns; magical artefacts hewn from frost-covered mountains which your heroes can use to gain an advantage;
3 all-new Battleplans, detailing huge battles that show you how the Beastclaw Raiders fight;
8 Warscroll Battalions, including 2 special Afrostuns that bestow extra powers and Braggoth’s Beast Hammer, an unlikely but strong unison of ogor and orruk forces;

All you need to begin collecting Beastclaw Raiders:
A wealth of background information and backstory – how are the Beastclaw Raiders’ hunting parties organised? How and why do they fight? Who are their leaders?
Tips for collecting the miniatures – whatever sort of army you want to field on the gaming table, however your playing style, we’ll show you some ideas to get you started;
guides to painting the markings of the various Beastclaw Raiders tribes – once you’ve picked your army, we’ll show you how to get them looking good!